RED, WHITE & BLUE ON THE BAY by Alexis Salerno

                                                            The Patriotic Pirate ~ John Carter 

                                                            The Patriotic Pirate ~ John Carter 


Our charming community doesn’t fall short when it comes to celebrating the 4th of July! Many use this time off to spend with loved ones and enjoy the beautiful fireworks and tasty food found by the Bay! 

If you are looking for a fun filled day Celebrating Our Country's Independence, look no further than the Bayshore Communities for Food, Fellowship & Fireworks! 

Every year the Residents of Bayview organize a small, but Festive Parade in Celebration of Independence Day. Neighbors join in decorating their golf carts, bikes, and occasionally a tractor, then parade through the Canopy of Oaks offering Smiles and Candy to all Bystanders. This year, the parade is planned to commence around 9:30am at the intersection of Middleton St & Bayshore Dr. in Bayview, and is open to anyone who wants to participate or watch. This is a fun activity for the entire family!

Bayshore Spillway Park  is an excellent vantage point for Fireworks after Sunset!

Bayshore Spillway Park is an excellent vantage point for Fireworks after Sunset!

Friends and Family spending the 4th of July  on the Bay can partake in all the fun activities the Bay has to offer. From Fishing to Paddle boarding, or simply enjoying the sunset, the Bay caters to all! 

If Lively Music and roller coasters are your idea of an ALL American 4th of July, you will be delighted with an evening at the Kemah Boardwalk. The Firework Show is not to be missed, and is set to begin at 9:30pm.

If a more leisurely evening suits you... just before sunset, find a spot at on the Bay and prepare to be dazzled with no less than 5 separate Firework showcases around the shoreline of Galveston Bay!

Wishing you all a Fun & Safe 4th of July Holiday! 


If you enjoy spending the 4th of July being as festive as possible, then you will love this refreshing 4th of July themed cocktail!

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 1.09.01 AM.png

Red, White & Blue Sangria

§  1 bottle dry white wine 

§   1 1/1 cup  sparkling lemonade

§  1/2 cup vodka

§  2 large granny smith apples

§  1 pint raspberries

§  1 pint blueberries

§  1 cup sliced strawberries

Cut Fruit and combine all ingredients in a pitcher, refrigerate and serve.




Local Bites: CLEAR LAKE SHORES Food Truck Park by Alexis Salerno

An Assortment of Cuisine.... 

 I was first taken by how GREAT the food from a truck can be, when i studied at U of H.  I had a BareBowl for Lunch nearly every day for a Semester! The Clear Lake Shore's FTP is no exception, the Food is Excellent! I was Super Excited when the Clear Lake Shores Food Truck Park came into existence! It's located off FM 2094, across from Target and Home Depot adjacent to Opus Bistro. We haven't had any parks like this in our Area, aside from a few Miscellaneous Taco trucks.

For my fist visit I tried the Cousins Maine Lobster's -Lobster Grilled Cheese..... YUMMY!!!!! The Lobster was unexpectedly buttery and a good texture; sometimes Lobster can be a little rubbery for my taste, but this Lobster was melt in your mouth good and the cheese didn't hurt ;) 

The great part about a food truck PARK, is that you are able to try as many different things as you like, that's the point right?!?! So in addition to the Lobster Grilled Cheese we had the Lobster Tacos from Cousin's Maine Lobster. The Tacos were good, and probably much healthier than the Buttery Grilled Cheese! 

...and now on to those Delicious things that may give you a heart attack.... The Loaded Fries from D'Lish Curbside Food Truck! French Fries are my favorite "junk" food, hands down. Well, D'Lish makes Fries even better.... the Fries are loaded with Shrimp, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, then seasoned to perfection and topped with Green Onions! 

While we waited for our Food, we snagged a table at Okies Yard House. It was quite Windy, so a table indoors was a must, but there are lots of tables outside if you're dressed appropriately. Okies offers several different Brews, Soda's and other non-alcolhaulic Beverages. While the adults enjoyed a refreshing IPA, my son, John Carter enjoyed a glass bottle Coke-a-Cola while taking a break from Corn-hole... or should i say, while he threw the beanbags at me! One stand out moment that made the experience more memorable, happened when the Manager from Okies came to the table and taught Carter the Traditional Dance to Solicit Beads at a Mardi Gras Parade!  it was so cute to watch the little wave, Shake and chant ~ "Hey Mr.!" i like that method much better than the modern way of soliciting beads :} 

John Carter Enjoying a Coca Cola :) 

John Carter Enjoying a Coca Cola :) 


The Glass garage Doors are kind of my thing right now, i want to incorporate them in all projects! 


Overall it was a Great Time and Definitely one our new spots for a laid back Friday or Saturday Night. I am unsure how often the options change, but I can't wait to try some of the different Trucks and New Cuisines this Spring!

Clear Lake Shores as a Charm to it, Coastal Style at its Best! 

Clear Lake Shores Food Truck Park:

1002 Marina Bay Dr
Clear Lake Shores, TX 77565

Local Bites: TOPWATER GRILL by Alexis Salerno

As fresh as it gets!

Topwater has my Top Recommendation for the Bay Area! The Resturant offers Seaside Seating off April Fool's Point and a Great Selection of Fresh Seafood! If you're looking for something quick, the Blackened Fish Tacos or Crab & Corn Chowder are always readily on hand! On the other hand, if you're looking to Tantalize your Tastebuds with a Seafood Feast.... 

                   Buttery Red Shrimp from Florida

                   Buttery Red Shrimp from Florida

Great Beginnings... Torpedos, or for those who can't handle the heat- the Bobbers, are an All-time Favorite; given they are deep fried crab stuffed peppers. The Black Peppered Tuna for the Suhi Enthusiast; excellent quality tuna and served with fresh ginger and Wasabi . For the Low-Carb Dieter looking to satisfy the munchies- The Stuffed Mushroom Caps are Cheesy Deliciousness! Also listed as an appetizer, and MY CURRENT FAVORITE- the RED SHRIMP. These Monsters are brought in from Florida and taste like Buttery Lobster. They are $20/lb. and brought to your table in a steam pot, the order is about 12 Shrimp and they are huge! Depending on how much butter you dowse the Shrimp in, these can be a Healthy Option ;)  

           Raw ~ Rockefeller ~ Garlic 

           Raw ~ Rockefeller ~ Garlic 

Oysters ~ Oysters ~ Oysters -TRY THEM ALL! I recommend a Barnacle to accompany.... The Barnacle is an Excellent Edition of the Bloody Mary; Topwater Serves the Icy Concoctions with all the Fixings and just enough Spice!  

I have yet to have an entree that i wouldn't order again. The Fried Platters are all great, but the Real Applause can be saved for the Pecan Crusted Snapper and Pan Seared Oysters- Original and Savory! It is easy to see that the Freshest Seafood Available is used in each dish. 

If the Weather is temperate, the Gliders surrounding the dock are my favorite place to sit and enjoy watching the Boats and Pelicans drift about! 

For More Information on visting Topwater Restaurant, upcoming events and merchandise please visit ~ TOPWATER GRILL ~

9 Grand Avenue.... a Classic Take on Contemporary by Alexis Salerno

"Finding the Chandelier was one of those break-through moments when you are beginning to become discouraged and then there it is! I had this idea of Contemporary Simplicity meets Classic Luxe, what does that even mean?!  Incorporating different styles proved to be difficult and at times I felt like I was making a mess of it! I kept my patients and in the end was happy with how it all came together."

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Choosing paint colors!!! by Alexis Salerno

AHHHH!!!! Decisions, Decisions... I am going BOLD for the new office-Faux techniques and Golden Metallics to showcase JPM style. I can't wait to see this all come together- Fingers Crossed! expecting to be moved next week...

At some point or another, we are all faced with choosing a paint color... it may seem simple, but do not be deceived- it a science, Literally! There are so many choices out there, even deciding on which tone of white can be difficult! My tips to you are:

1) Sample the color in the space its going! color does not exist without light. Therefore, the color can change depending on the amount of light... paint sample cards are good, but its important to see the actual paint on the actual wall.

2) Don't be afraid to go bold or add a Crazy ascent color! after all... if you hate it, paint over it :-P

3) any combination can be done, as long as it is done well! are you going for neutral tones, B/W/Grey tones, pastels, primary, etc.? pick a tone and stick to it!