Local Bites: CLEAR LAKE SHORES Food Truck Park / by Alexis Salerno

An Assortment of Cuisine.... 

 I was first taken by how GREAT the food from a truck can be, when i studied at U of H.  I had a BareBowl for Lunch nearly every day for a Semester! The Clear Lake Shore's FTP is no exception, the Food is Excellent! I was Super Excited when the Clear Lake Shores Food Truck Park came into existence! It's located off FM 2094, across from Target and Home Depot adjacent to Opus Bistro. We haven't had any parks like this in our Area, aside from a few Miscellaneous Taco trucks.

For my fist visit I tried the Cousins Maine Lobster's -Lobster Grilled Cheese..... YUMMY!!!!! The Lobster was unexpectedly buttery and a good texture; sometimes Lobster can be a little rubbery for my taste, but this Lobster was melt in your mouth good and the cheese didn't hurt ;) 

The great part about a food truck PARK, is that you are able to try as many different things as you like, that's the point right?!?! So in addition to the Lobster Grilled Cheese we had the Lobster Tacos from Cousin's Maine Lobster. The Tacos were good, and probably much healthier than the Buttery Grilled Cheese! 

...and now on to those Delicious things that may give you a heart attack.... The Loaded Fries from D'Lish Curbside Food Truck! French Fries are my favorite "junk" food, hands down. Well, D'Lish makes Fries even better.... the Fries are loaded with Shrimp, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, then seasoned to perfection and topped with Green Onions! 

While we waited for our Food, we snagged a table at Okies Yard House. It was quite Windy, so a table indoors was a must, but there are lots of tables outside if you're dressed appropriately. Okies offers several different Brews, Soda's and other non-alcolhaulic Beverages. While the adults enjoyed a refreshing IPA, my son, John Carter enjoyed a glass bottle Coke-a-Cola while taking a break from Corn-hole... or should i say, while he threw the beanbags at me! One stand out moment that made the experience more memorable, happened when the Manager from Okies came to the table and taught Carter the Traditional Dance to Solicit Beads at a Mardi Gras Parade!  it was so cute to watch the little wave, Shake and chant ~ "Hey Mr.!" i like that method much better than the modern way of soliciting beads :} 

John Carter Enjoying a Coca Cola :) 

John Carter Enjoying a Coca Cola :) 


The Glass garage Doors are kind of my thing right now, i want to incorporate them in all projects! 


Overall it was a Great Time and Definitely one our new spots for a laid back Friday or Saturday Night. I am unsure how often the options change, but I can't wait to try some of the different Trucks and New Cuisines this Spring!

Clear Lake Shores as a Charm to it, Coastal Style at its Best! 

Clear Lake Shores Food Truck Park:

1002 Marina Bay Dr
Clear Lake Shores, TX 77565